The lunchroom bullies think they’re being picked on

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This post has been updated to correct the spelling of Karen Handel’s name. 

The “care, no matter what” people take a harsh and demeaning view of women who dissent from compulsory taxpayer funding of the nation’s largest abortion provider. A recent tweet from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund:

@PPact: Friends who #StandWithPP: Stay strong. The anti-abortion minions want to bully us into silence. That’s not happening.

The use of “anti-abortion” is entirely purposeful. The video about crushing a preborn child just right so its organs remain salvageable and salable has disgusted pro- and anti-Roe people alike. It’s in PP’s interest to disrupt this common concern by subtly reminding wavering supporters of longstanding us-vs.-them lines.

The tweet was accompanied by an animated image that may or may not violate Illumination Entertainment’s copyright. Let the lawyers work that one out.

But about that use of the word “bully”: give me a break. Planned Parenthood’s been swiping other people’s lunch money for years via taxpayer funding. Some of the people who have meekly gone along with the routine are now saying “enough already.” And those people are the bullies? No.

Minions are people who do as they’re told. The people demanding an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood are people who are tired of doing what they’re told, namely pay up. The revelation of the body-parts business that goes along with PP’s abortion work is raising the consciousness of a lot of people who up until now have been passive. Those days of passivity are over.

You want to hear about bullying? Read (or re-read) Karen Handel’s Planned Bullyhood: The Truth Behind the Headlines about the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Susan G. Komen for the Cure. (Amazon currently has the Kindle version for $2.99.) In 2011, Handel was Komen’s senior vice-president of public policy. When the Komen leadership decided to stop giving grants to Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood went into full punishment mode. PP’s public attacks on Komen – claims that Komen was abandoning women – resulted in Komen caving in after only three days. Handel’s job was among the casualties. Handel’s a grown-up, and she landed on her feet. But nothing in her executive experience had prepared her for what befalls people who try to keep their money away from Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is warning that health care for 12,000 New Hampshire women is at risk if the Executive Council votes down a PP contract. Color me suspicious, but what I’m hearing is Nice neighbors you have there. Be a shame if something happened to them. Those 12,000 women are human shields to protect PP’s abortion business.

Spinning off the abortion work to an entirely separate entity would all but silence the calls for an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, and authentic health care could go on without threat of interruption.  Instead, Planned Parenthood is determined to maintain its current business model of being a publicly-funded abortion provider. The supposed limitation on the use of tax funds for abortion doesn’t change the fact that the tax money pays for staffing and overhead at facilities where abortions are done. As a taxpayer, I’m still paying to keep the lights on in the procedure room.

Women who want to break free of financial involvement with this abortion provider are being jeered and belittled as “minions.” Women who are repulsed at the sight of Planned Parenthood doctors dickering over the disposition of aborted children are being accused of wanting to “bully [PP] into silence.” It’s the other way around, actually: PP wants dissenting women to sit down, pay up, and shut up.

That’s not happening.



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