Pro-Life Journeys: the anthology

cover of book Pro-Life Journeys by Ellen Kolb


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Pro-Life Journeys

an anthology from Leaven for the Loaf, a Granite State pro-life blog

by Ellen Kolb

In a collection of essays spanning a decade, Pro-Life Journeys is about people whose life-affirming work is building a foundation for the future.

Learn about their journeys…and about the journey ahead for the pro-life movement.

In Pro-Life Journeys, you’ll meet people who found their way to pro-life work via unexpected paths. You’ll hear about a woman who spoke out courageously against assisted suicide while confronting her own terminal illness. You’ll read reports from the State House describing legislative battles that carry lessons for activists everywhere. You’ll find the author’s report from the Nation’s Capital on unconventional pro-life allies who defied stereotyping.

There are essays about New Hampshire activists as well as people who have made their mark nationally. Some of the activists share the author’s Catholic faith, while others hold a firmly secular worldview. What they have in common is a commitment to peaceful pro-life action.

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