Doing the Math, part 2: PP’s investment in NH Senate

(Note: Part 1 was about Executive Council races, published the day after the release of the first of two videos documenting Planned Parenthood physicians discussing procurement and sale of the organs of aborted children. See “PP Doctor Spills the Beans.”)

The political affiliates of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England spent in all more than $55,000 on New Hampshire Senate races in 2014. Direct donations and/or independent expenditures went to races in 15 out of the 24 Senate districts, with PP’s preferred candidates winning in nine of those races. That was enough to deadlock the Senate on repeal of PP’s treasured (albeit enjoined) buffer zone law.

District Amount spent (total of PAC donations and independent expenditures) PP’s preferred candidate Winner PAC donations Independent expenditures for or against a candidate
1 $100 Jeff Woodburn Woodburn $100 none
4 $100 David Watters Watters $100 none
6 $5546.71 Rich Leonard Sam Cataldo $100 $3020.13 pro-Leonard $2426.58 anti-Cataldo
7 $5546.71 Andrew Hosmer Hosmer $100 $3020.13 pro-Hosmer $2426.58 anti-Kathy Lauer Rago
9 $6446.71 Lee Nyquist Andy Sanborn $1000 $3020.13 pro-Nyquist $2426.58 anti-Sanborn
12 $10,993.74 Peggy Gilmour Kevin Avard $1000 $5140.58 pro-Gilmour $4853.16 anti-Avard
13 $100 Bette Lasky Lasky $100 none
15 $100 Dan Feltes Feltes $100 none
16 $10,993.74 Maureen Manning David Boutin $1000 $5140.58 pro-Manning $4853.16 anti-Boutin
17 $100 Nancy Fraher John Reagan $100 none
18 $7255.57 Donna Soucy Soucy $1000 $3020.13 pro-Soucy $3235.44 anti-Lambert
20 $100 Lou D’Allesandro D’Allesandro $100 none
21 $100 Martha Fuller Clark Clark $100 none
23 $100 Donna Schlachman Russell Prescott $100 none
24 $7997.16 Nancy Stiles Stiles $1000 $3498.58 pro-Stiles $3498.58 anti-Steve Kenda (opponent in primary)

The independent expenditures (i.e. those made with no coordination with a candidate) in these races were mostly for mailers and phone calls, while PAC donations went directly to candidate campaigns. This information came from public reports available at the web site of the New Hampshire Secretary of State. 

No reports have come to my attention yet of any of the endorsed senators expressing concern over the activities discussed by two Planned Parenthood doctors on the Center for Medical Progress videos.


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