Message from a post-abortive NH lawmaker

Rep. Sue DeLemus
NH Rep. Sue DeLemus (R-Rochester)

Third in the Voices to Trust series.

New Hampshire state representative Susan DeLemus is a straightforward woman. She’s honest about having had an abortion, and she’s just as honest about the aftermath. A few months ago, she was asked to speak at a State House rally about her experience.

 “I’m sorry we don’t don’t have people [here] in protest today of our movement. Those people are the people I want to reach the most. … I went ahead and had my baby killed. I know I’ve been forgiven, but it still hurts like hell. I hope you all take away from this that’s it’s still painful to me, and painful for any women who decides to kill her baby. And if Planned Parenthood was here today, I would look them right in the eye and say shame on you. Do you hear me, Planned Parenthood? I just want this message to get out.”

She sounded a similar note in a 2014 address. “I have a very personal connection with the right to life, because I had an abortion. I fight like mad every single bill that’s against life that comes through this House. There is no one in this House who can testify the way I can.”

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