State Senate district 12: Kevin Avard’s record

Former state representative Kevin Avard (R-Nashua) is campaigning to unseat Democrat state senator Peggy Gilmour of Hollis. How do their voting records compare on the life issues?

Their terms have not overlapped, so the two of them have never voted on the same bill. Many life-issue bills originate in the House and never make it as far as the Senate. Given those limitations of comparison, here’s what we know from the public record.

In this photo from the Kevin Avard for NH State Senate Facebook page, the candidate sports a "precious feet" lapel pin.
In this photo from the Kevin Avard for NH State Senate Facebook page, the candidate sports a “precious feet” lapel pin.

Avard voted for the ban on partial-birth abortion (HB 1679, 2012), and he supported the successful override of John Lynch’s veto.. He also voted in favor of Women’s Right to Know (informed consent, HB 1659, 2012) and in favor of keeping public funds away from abortion providers (HB 228, 2011-12); unfortunately, both bills fell short of passage. He voted to kill an assisted suicide bill (HB 513, 2011). Finally, he was part of the decisive majority that restored New Hampshire’s parental notification law (HB 329, 2011).

This year, Gilmour voted to pass the buffer zone bill (SB 319). She also voted against restoring the sponsor’s language to Griffin’s Law (fetal homicide, HB 1503), effectively voting to gut the sponsor’s intent. Gilmour’s donors include EMILY’s List, a PAC committed to electing “pro-choice” Democratic women.

Sen. Peggy Gilmour
Sen. Peggy Gilmour (Facebook photo)

On the death penalty, Gilmour supported its abolition this year via HB 1170, which failed on a tie vote in the Senate. Avard’s term saw passage of HB 147 (2011), the Cates bill, expanding the death penalty to be applicable to certain crimes committed during home invasions. The bill originally passed the House on a voice vote. When the House was asked to concur with Senate changes before passage, Avard voted Yes.

State senate district 11 covers Nashua wards 1, 2 and 5, and the towns of Brookline, Hollis, Greenville, Mason, New Ipswich and Rindge.


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