Gratitude for the Vets

Anyone who follows me on Facebook sees this message from me twice a year. It bears repeating. My son went to war in the in the uniform of our country and has come home in one piece. I’m the daughter of two Army veterans. “Veteran’s Day” is not just a calendar notation to me. Nothing I’ve ever read has captured my sense of gratitude to American vets like these lines written by Ben Stein. If everything else he’s ever written is someday forgotten, this should be enough to keep his memory alive.

What title of nobility was ever as great as, simply, “American”? What wild dream of my ancestors in Czarist Russia could compare with what I have now, how I live now? Who makes it possible? The men and women who fight our wars, who have lost legs, who have lost lives, who have lost their minds to the cruelty of war. God bless them day in and day out.

[Excerpted from “Fleeting Beauty” by Ben Stein, from the February 2011 issue of The American Spectator, pages 62-64.]