One week to 40DFL Spring ’14 kickoff

The Spring 2014 40 Days for Life campaign (40DFL) begins a week from today, March 5. It’s not too late to sign up. The organization’s site is the best place to get details about campaigns in your area:

In my own back yard, I’m pleased to see that there will be New Hampshire campaigns in Manchester, Concord, and Greenland. These are especially significant as the New Hampshire legislature considers a “buffer” law to ban all First Amendment practice, including silent prayer, within 25 feet of abortion facilities.

40DFL is about vigils at abortion facilities, combined with prayer, fasting, and community outreach. Participants must sign an agreement to abide by 40DFL’s commitment to peaceful witness. That’s scary stuff to some abortion facility operators. A spokeswoman for one of them testified before a New Hampshire Senate hearing on the “buffer” bill a few weeks ago that 40DFL is one of the things that make a “patient safety zone” imperative.

In related news, the same spokeswoman testified to a different committee that state licensing of abortion facilities in New Hampshire is unneeded. Patient safety, indeed.

A short 40DFL video released today tells you more about the effort.