Thanks, Readers: the Blog Turns Five

Five years ago today, I put up the first post on Leaven for the Loaf. Pro-life issues in New Hampshire seemed like a tiny niche for a blog, but I plunged in anyway.  Thank you for plunging in with me. As long as I can travel and observe and report, I’ll keep blogging.

From an earlier “blogiversary”: a cupcake decorated by a creative neighbor.

Want to celebrate with me? Hug your family. Pray with steady faith. Give a box of diapers to your local pregnancy help center. Volunteer for an elder support program like Meals on Wheels. Donate blood. Stay in touch with your elected representatives. Witness to the value of life, publicly and peacefully. And have a cupcake.

I’m deeply grateful to the supporters who have helped defray expenses for travel and tech support.

In the long-ago inaugural post, I described New Hampshire’s political/legal situation regarding abortion – which is only one aspect of pro-life work. The situation hasn’t changed much. I re-state it below not out of discouragement, but in a spirit of determination. I refuse to settle for the status quo. And with that, let the next five years commence.

New Hampshire currently is the Wild West where abortion law is concerned. Women’s safety and public health policy would seem to call for a degree of regulation and oversight, even if one were to put aside the fact that each abortion takes a human life. Abortion advocates are  loud and angry over each and every one of the bills, however, drawing no distinction among parental notification (enacted over a veto), funding restrictions, statistical reporting, and a late-term ban. To them, it’s all one big attack on Choice, part of a larger effort to set women back.

This is worse than nonsense. What I see being set back are the rights of women and men who choose not to pay even indirectly for the operation of an abortion facility.  I see people lobbying to keep abortion undocumented, so that public health officials will continue to be in the dark about how many New Hampshire women make this “choice” every year. I hear testimony to the need for eugenic abortion, which is a throwback to one of the 20th century’s worst ideas. I hear women who should know better equate a 24-hour waiting period with an outright ban on abortion.

So yes, we’re still talking about this. Pro-lifers cannot be effective if they stay huddled together. I propose that we step out in faith and leaven the loaf of public discourse. Let’s begin.

Keep striving

Thank you to all the readers who have helped celebrate four years of Leaven for the Loaf. Year five is underway, and I’ll keep striving as you do to build a culture where no human being has to rely on another’s permission to live.

Leaven has gone from a spare-time hobby to an all but full-time effort. Thank you to the blog’s donors and shoppers for their votes of confidence.

I’ll continue to attend as many hearings in Concord as I can. What happens in the floor votes usually depends a great deal on what’s said and agreed to at the committee level. Let’s keep watching.

Ready for the fall elections? I am. Not so much that presidential thing – although ignoring it will be impossible – but the state-level offices. Congressional offices, too. I’ll watch and report. Keep me posted on interesting candidates in your area.

This is a tiny effort, as blogs go. Even so, traffic is up dramatically over a year ago. People are paying attention to the life issues in New Hampshire. Thank you for every blog and Facebook post you’ve shared, for every retweet, for following Instagram.

Year five is here. I’ll see you along the way.