Carson says remarks re Schiavo taken “out of context”

Dr. Ben Carson (photo by Ellen Kolb)
Dr. Ben Carson (photo by Ellen Kolb)

I wasn’t the only voter whose eyebrows went way up after Dr. Ben Carson’s made his recent remarks regarding Terri Schiavo. He gave an exclusive interview to LifeSiteNews earlier this week to address the furor.

“I am steadfastly opposed to euthanasia. I have spent my entire career protecting life, especially the life of children….I regret that my recent comments about Terri Schiavo have been taken out of context and misinterpreted. When I used the term ‘much ado about nothing,’ my point was that the media tried to create the impression that the pro-life community was nutty and going way overboard with the support of the patient.”

The article continued, “[Dr. Carson] told LifeSiteNews that his off-the-cuff remarks to a reporter from the Tampa Bay Times meant that doctors should allow terminally ill patients to refuse heroic medical treatment, not to deny food and water to someone diagnosed in a persistent vegetative state (PVS).”

I’m pleased that the good doctor acknowledged the concerns raised by his earlier remarks. My particular concerns expressed in an earlier post persist. If what he means is that he flat-out refuses to tolerate starvation for patients with brain damage, that’s good news.


James O’Keefe returns to NH; Hobby Lobby news: pick of the web 7/19/13

James O’Keefe’s get-out-and-do-it attitude toward citizen journalism helped inspire me to get Leaven going a year ago. O’Keefe will be back in New Hampshire for a book-signing at a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women next Tuesday, July 23. This event has a price tag, but if you’re interested, get the details here. O’Keefe is not a gentle soul (l’enfant terrible comes to mind), but he sure is fun to hear. 

Just today, Hobby Lobby Inc. was granted a temporary exemption from the HHS mandate. The owners of this business have been among the leaders in resistance to the federal government’s attempt to force employers to help provide services that violate the employers’ religious beliefs. This is an ongoing story, and not every update is encouraging – but this one certainly is.

By the Numbers 5/29/13

Ten top pro-life things you can do this summer is a list of ideas from, geared to young people. Click on the link for some inspiration. Some of the suggestions apply to everyone, such as #6, the “diaper drive.”

Four: the number of votes from U.S. Supreme Court justices it would have required for the Court to hear a case involving Indiana’s attempt to block state Medicaid funds from going to abortion providers. Yesterday, the Court refused to hear an appeal of a lower court decision striking down the Indiana law. (The Court only agrees to hear an appeal if a minimum of four Justices vote to do so.) The Los Angeles Times reports on the case here. The Indiana law was challenged by – you guessed it – Planned Parenthood.

All Girls Allowed logoOne organization to discover: All Girls Allowed. The founder, Chai Ling, was moved to action by China’s one-child policy, which combined with a cultural preference for having boys has led to what All Girls Allowed calls “gendercide” (an apt term). The group is based in Boston. Check the web site to learn about their “37 Seconds of Silence” program. Follow on Twitter: @AllGirlsAllowed.