Putting Blog on Hiatus

After the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the president’s “Affordable” Care Act, it’s clear to me that ┬áthere is special urgency to effective political action over the next few months. I thank God I live in a country and a culture where peaceful activism can still make a difference. I am taking a few months off from Leaven for the Loaf and from my work in Concord so I can devote full time to campaign work leading up to November’s elections.

Pro-life ministry is essential in all spheres at all times, as I’ve learned over and over again. God bless all of those whose work is much more direct and effective than mine. Keep it up. I ask that you keep me in your prayers as I embark on this particular enterprise. I am leaving some marvelous co-workers as I look ahead to joining a new team.

Much is at stake in the political arena this year, and not just in Washington. If you meet solid candidates in your local races, help them in any way you can. Most New Hampshire elections are run on a shoestring, and a little bit of assistance will go a long way. We saw this year in Concord what a difference a few votes can make.

An idle thought comes to me: who do I want to see in the White House when we March for Life in Washington next January, on the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade? Not a tough call.

I will miss writing, and I’ll be blogging again after Election Day, or sooner if my new team throws me out. I’ll keep up the wholly apolitical Granite State Walker blog, although I doubt I’ll have much time for any hikes about which to post.┬áThanks for reading, and I look forward to re-connecting with you in a few months.