40DFL response to Colorado atrocity: “Blessed are the peacemakers”

“We must pray for everyone affected by this senseless act of violence….We must continue to oppose all violence and attacks against human life, including the actions of the gunman in Colorado….We must increase our resolve and dedication to using only peaceful and prayerful efforts as the antidote to abortion,” says David Bereit, leader of 40 Days for Life.

40DFL has just released this video in response to the recent shootings at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado that killed three people and injured nine others. Bereit’s full statement is worth hearing on the video, but even more important is his interview with Jewels Green. She’s a former abortion facility worker who is now pro-life and committed to 100% nonviolent action in defense of life. Her remarks begin about 3:20 into the video, and they are worth the twenty minutes it will take you to hear her out.

View this and then share it far and wide. And thank you, David and Jewels.