An adoption fact sheet from The Radiance Foundation

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Graphic from The Radiance Foundation.
Graphic from The Radiance Foundation.

I think the text at the bottom is interesting, touching as it does on a New Hampshire public policy issue, abortion stats: “Sadly, there are no comprehensive federal statistics on adoption since 1992, when the National Center for Social Statistics was dissolved. To this day, states provide information only on a voluntary basis. We need federal legislation that makes both abortion and adoption reporting mandatory so we have an accurate picture of what is happening to the most vulnerable among us: our children.”

Ryan Bomberger at Values Voter Summit 2014
Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation, adoptive father and adopted son, speaking at the Values Voter conference in Washington, DC. (Ellen Kolb photo)

Adoption & the Governor

As the saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Case in point: this recent tweet from New Hampshire governor and U.S. Senate candidate Maggie Hassan.


Each of the children in the photo has a birth mother who whatever her circumstances managed to choose life for her child. We get to see their smiles now. Families get to love them now. And for one day at least, candidate Hassan took a break from promoting the interests of the industry that would have ended the lives of these children in utero upon the mothers’ request.

“I am the last person I ever thought would adopt a child.”

The Adair family on adoption day (photo courtesy of Catherine Adair)
The Adair family on adoption day (photo courtesy of Catherine Adair)

Published two years ago today (and shared on this blog before): a wonderful post by Catherine Adair from The Harvest is Abundant, celebrating her family’s adoption of daughter Ava. Enjoy her story as Adoption Awareness Month comes to a close.

“I am the last person I ever thought would adopt a child. I didn’t even want children after my abortion over 20 years ago. I felt unworthy of being a mother. After working in an abortion clinic, where I participated in thousands of first and second trimester abortions, I was determined not to have children. But here I was, married with children, being asked to help a young mother and her baby, and I knew God wanted us to say ‘yes’ to this child.”

Read the full post at The Harvest is Abundant.

From NH Catholic Charities during Adoption Awareness Month

I’m sharing a wonderful link from New Hampshire Catholic Charities’ blog, about the adoption services the agency provides. Meet an adopted child, a birth mother, and an adoptive family.

“A Catholic Charities adoption is a very special thing indeed. In honor of this month, and of the many beautiful adoption plans we have assisted with, we share the following stories.” Read the complete post.