Fetal Life Protection Act in jeopardy as House votes this week on life-issue bills

This information was emailed earlier today to subscribers to the Leaven for the Loaf newsletter.

Nine bills that Leaven for the Loaf  has been following this legislative session will be voted on during a two-day New Hampshire House session on Wednesday, March 22, and Thursday, March 23.

These bills are not coming to the House floor with favorable committee recommendations. For most reps, all they will know about these bills will be what they read in the House calendar. That means it’s up to pro-life voters to reach out to their representatives and ask for good votes.

In my opinion, the most dangerous bill is HB 224, amending the Fetal Life Protection Act (FLPA) to remove penalties on providers doing illegal post-24-week abortions. If you have time for only one message to your state representative, make it this one: vote “inexpedient to legislate” (ITL) on HB 224.

Republicans need to hear this just as much as Democrats do. Removing penalties from FLPA will render it unenforceable. Removing penalties from FLPA will return New Hampshire to being a place where abortion is legal throughout pregnancy for any reason. HB 224 needs to be ITL’d.

Look up your representatives’ contact information here.

Don’t just ask for a “yea” or “nay” vote

When a bill comes up for a vote in the New Hampshire House or Senate, the motion might be “ought to pass (OTP),” “inexpedient to legislate (ITL),” or “table,” to mention a few possibilities. Telling a representative to vote “no,” without knowing what the motion will be, is therefore insufficient. 

Instead, be specific about the motion you’re asking for. On HB 224, repealing penalties from FLPA, I’ll be asking for an ITL vote. 

The other featured life-issue bills

Three bills in addition to HB 224 were introduced by abortion advocates, and these three deserve “inexpedient to legislate” votes.

  • CACR 2, a proposed amendment to the state constitution “relative to reproductive freedom,” a euphemism to enshrine abortion in the New Hampshire constitution.
  • HB 88, declaring abortion “vital to the equality and liberty of all individuals.” 
  • HB 271-FN, repealing the Fetal Life Protection Act altogether.

Five other bills are much friendlier to women’s health and the right to life.

  • HB 346-FN, relative to the right of any infant born alive – including children who survive attempted abortion – to appropriate medical care and treatment.
  • HB 562-FN, informed consent for abortion.
  • HB 582-FN, requiring the state’s Division of Vital Records to collect abortion statistics; support WITH amendment # 2023-0392h (committee minority report).
  • HB 591-FN, prohibiting abortion after detection of a fetal heartbeat.
  • HB 615-FN, requiring independent audits of “reproductive health care facilities” to ensure that public funds are not used directly for abortion.

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