A brief update on my blogs and newsletters

Many of this blog’s readers already subscribe to the Leaven for the Loaf email newsletter (thank you!), which usually features short-notice calls to action regarding New Hampshire life-issue legislation.

I’m inviting you to subscribe to my “author” newsletter as well, and here’s why.

As you may know, I have multiple blogs on different subjects. For a long time, I’ve kept them siloed. What if my pro-life readers don’t care about my hiking, or my hiking readers don’t care about my Catholic stuff, and what if somebody gets turned off altogether??

That rumbling sound you hear comes from silos being dismantled.

Leaven for the Loaf will keep on being what it is, and its associated newsletter will continue through the legislative session. We’ve cultivated some roots here. This is one of many writing projects, though, and I welcome readers to all of them.

I know that branding and marketing are supposed to be coherent and targeted. Well, here’s my brand: Catholic pro-life hiking Granite State writer who can’t be trusted around chocolate. I’m still trying to figure out how to fit that on a business card.

I’d like for my monthly EllenKolb.com newsletter to earn a place in your inbox. Each brief issue will contain a sampler of recent posts from across my blogs, previews of upcoming projects, links to good writing I’ve found from other authors, and any updates on events I’ll be attending where I look forward to meeting readers and learning new things. Photos from hikes, too, so you can join me virtually on our state’s amazing trails.

With humble thanks for your support of Leaven, I invite you to take a look at my new enterprise as well. Click the button below to subscribe.

And now we return to our regular programming. More on current legislation soon.

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