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Readers, I hope you’ll take a moment to find and click on the “subscribe to newsletter” button on this site. The Leaven for the Loaf newsletter is an occasional supplement to this blog, arriving in your email inbox once a month or so. Each edition is short and sweet (if I may say so myself) and provides news you can use, with links to take you to relevant information. Sometimes I share the best pro-life writing from other sources. The most recent edition mentions the upcoming election, of course, but it also previews what a concerned voter can do after the election.

I don’t sell or rent my mailing list – and believe me, I’ve been asked for it – so subscribing won’t burden you with spam. Unsubscribing is easy (but sad – so let me know how I can do better).

Current subscribers, take note: there’s a button in each edition that you can click to share the email with your contacts.

Many thanks to discerning readers, one and all!

2 thoughts on “Subscribe to the Leaven for the Loaf newsletter

  1. Thank you Ellen! Are you heading to dc in January?? I have a few friends who would love to attend… You met Mary and Christine for when we walked that really cold blizzard day –

    Hope you are well…

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