Care Net: John Oliver Gets It Wrong About Pregnancy Centers

My idea of late-night TV is Twilight Zone re-runs, and I don’t subscribe to HBO. I was thus not in the audience when someone named John Oliver did a recent critical piece on pro-life pregnancy care centers. Care Net CEO Roland Warren was watching, though, having been asked for information by Oliver’s staff. Apparently, very little of Care Net’s information made it onto the show.

Not to worry. Warren answered back. And I didn’t need an HBO subscription to hear him. Neither do you. Enjoy these nine edifying minutes.

One thought on “Care Net: John Oliver Gets It Wrong About Pregnancy Centers

  1. Just watched video by CareNet CEO Roland Warren presented as a rebuttal to a dishonest skit by an HBO TV comedian named John Oliver. Mr. Warren is an excellent presenter with great presence before a camera. His presentation was articulate, well structured, fact based and succinct.

    Just wanted to acknowledge Mr. Warren’s excellent presentation skills.

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