Update: N.H. Senate Passes Amended Fetal Homicide Bill

The New Hampshire Senate today passed SB 66 on a 14-10 vote. The measure is a fetal homicide bill that would give prosecutors the option of filing homicide charges against anyone whose bad actions cause the death of a preborn child against the mother’s wishes. As introduced, SB 66 could have been used only for fetal deaths after viability, but the Senate amended the bill today to change “viability” to 20 weeks’ gestation.

The bill’s legislative docket includes links to roll calls.

A New Hampshire House committee last week retained another fetal homicide bill, HB 156, which bars further action on the House version for now. The House bill would have made fetal homicide charges possible for deaths of preborn children at 8 weeks’ gestation or later. It is likely that the Senate bill will now go to the same House committee that retained HB 156.

3 thoughts on “Update: N.H. Senate Passes Amended Fetal Homicide Bill

  1. Fair and balanced… Thank you for the update on the two Fetal-Homicide bill. There has been so much legislating going on it makes my head spin! On National News – it appears that we are one step closer to Defunding PP!! It passed the House today and is now on the way to the Senate…

    Please let me know if you find out about the roll call vote on the Fetal-Homicide Bill… Nancy

    1. Nancy, I know how you feel about what’s going on at the State House. The legislators are working on 800 bills, and I’m only following about 20 of them. I still get overwhelmed sometimes.

      The developments in Washington, DC today are very encouraging. Funding health care without subsidizing abortion providers is good policy.
      Thanks for reading!

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