Guest Post: verbal hit-and-run at Concord’s “Women’s Day”

Guest post by Stephen Scaer of Nashua. Stephen was among the pro-lifers who witnessed for life at the January 21, 2017 “Women’s Day” of abortion advocacy in Concord, New Hampshire. Photos are by Phyllis Woods and are used with her kind permission. I encourage readers to look in the Comments below the post to find the reply from Veronica, who also was on the scene and who had a much more encouraging experience.

“Do you have a uterus?” asked the gray-haired woman as she and her companion walked past me as I was holding my “Dads for Life” sign at our counter protest at the Women’s Day of Action & Unity in Concord on Saturday.

“That’s a rather personal question.”

“You’re a man. You have to say ‘no,’ and you don’t have the right to say whether a woman should have an abortion.”

“Why not?” I asked, as she hurried away. I would have loved to have had a chance to follow her line of reasoning. I assume she wouldn’t assert that people without children had no right to speak out against child abuse, or that people who don’t own pets can’t speak out against animal cruelty. Moreover, although I’ve never been a woman, I have had some experience as an unborn child. But for the most part, these are the hit-and-run tactics the 25 or so pro-life protesters encountered.

For example, a woman looked at my sign and said ‘then you should be at home with your kid,’ and took off before I could point out that my daughter was standing 20 feet away with a “Tell Planned Parenthood #GoFundYourself” sign.

My daughter’s favorite hit-and-run was a woman who shouted “you’re nuts” as she darted past, carrying a sign that said “prove me wrong.”

Another woman asked, “Are you against war?”
“I don’t know what that has to do with abortion, but I suppose it depends on the war.”

“You pro-lifers are a bunch of hypocrites. You can’t be for war and against abortion. You can’t be pro-war and call yourself a Christian.” She walked away before I could ask her opinion about Christian war-mongers such as Eisenhower, Washington, the Roman soldiers who converted in the New Testament, and King David. I really wanted to know whether she thought Lincoln had any right to be pro-war and anti-slavery.

And then of course, there was the litany of “you can’t be pro-life if you don’t support [insert your favorite government social program here].”

One older man did wait to hear a few of my responses.
“You shouldn’t tell other people what to do with their bodies.”
“Should we legalize heroin?”
“I’m for legalizing marijuana, but not heroin.”
“Then you’re telling people what to do with their bodies. Also, the child in the womb is a separate body, with her own arm, legs, head, and set of chromosomes.”
“It’s not a person. It’s just a blob of cells.”
“It has everything you have. Are you just a blob of cells?”
“You people are crazy,” he responded, and walked away.

[New Hampshire Right to Life has on its Facebook page an album of photos from the January 21 event.]

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: verbal hit-and-run at Concord’s “Women’s Day”

  1. Anyone comment on a positive encounter with other Event participants? At one point, I was approached swiftly by a woman who apparently read “Women Deserve Better than Abortion” on my sign. She embraced me and whispered in my ear, “I love you, but we don’t agree”.

    “Oh?” I said. Well, this sign is intended to open a conversation about the fact that 75% of abortions are performed on low income and poor women. Can we agree to work against legislation like HB 106 relative to the corroboration of evidence in sexual assault cases. Can we agree to work for services for victims of domestic violence, trafficking as rape…..and for services for women who suffer addictions that interfere with their ability to effectively use family planning leading to a pregnancy never intended and then to abortion.
    (or words to that effect)…..
    There was a pause. “I think we agree,” she said.

    1. Veronica, this is great to hear. I’m glad you shared your experience. I’m going to note at the top of the post that readers should make their way to the Comments box in order to read your reply.

  2. This outstanding! Stephen did a fabulous job with this using a very unique approach. I’ve shared it as I think it’s not only educational but greatly entertaining reading. This Scaer family is amazing!

    1. I’m just sorry that the woman who told Stephen he should be home with his kids didn’t take the time to walk 20 feet down the sidewalk to talk with his daughter. Thanks for your photos!

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