No, the buffer zone law has not been upheld

The Union Leader’s recent misleading subhead has been outdone, with no less than a front-page above-the-fold story.

UL headline, 1/12/17

The first paragraph says the law was upheld, and goes on to say that there’s no case to act on. The latter part of the paragraph is correct.

What was upheld by the First Circuit Court of Appeals was a decision by a federal district court judge that there is no buffer law case to be heard, since no abortion facility has yet posted a zone.

The buffer zone law has not been upheld because it has not yet been heard in court. The First Circuit did not uphold the law. It upheld a lower court decision.

If you were discouraged by the headline, take heart, and redouble your peaceful witness on the sidewalks.

If abortion providers want the law upheld, they’ll have to post a zone first.

Watch for signs with this language or something similar, as authorized by the unenforced law:

Let me know if you see anything like this. Attorneys are waiting to vindicate your First Amendment rights.

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