The French aversion to pro-life speech intensifies

The French government is doing its best to muzzle pro-life speech, apparently under the assumption that women are too delicate to hear it.

Recall news from a few weeks back: the French Conseil d’Etat (State Council) gave its blessing to a decision by a French broadcasting service not to show a video with the message that people with Down Syndrome can have happy lives. The video implied that abortion need not be the result of a prenatal diagnosis of a genetic problem. The Council concluded that such a message might be “inappropriate” since it was “likely to disturb the conscience of women who had lawfully made different personal life choices”. I wrote about that over at DaTechGuy Blog

Now, Béatrice Fedor at 400 Words for Women draws our attention to a recent expansion of a French law that forbids anyone from interfering with a woman’s decision to abort her child.

This new law is an extension of a 1993 law that forbids anyone to try to keep a woman from entering an abortion facility, talk to her, carry a sign, pass her a pamphlet, make any kind of contact with her in order to dissuade her from having an abortion including offering help. Now this law has been extended to any digital means but note that the text has been changed from ‘digital’ to ‘any means’. It could be about any website (or perhaps books or videos) contents that is considered as lies, misguiding, making women feel guilty, morally and psychologically pressuring them to keep their child, like telling them about possible consequences of abortion and such.

Fedor lives in the United States but is French by birth. She became pro-life after having had an abortion herself some time ago. She takes the newly-expanded French law personally. She talks about it in a video recorded in French, with an English translation provided on her blog.

My…question is about women who have aborted and suffer from abortion. Will we have the right to speak? Will we be allowed, from now on, to write our stories, to share our stories on the internet or maybe by publishing a book, maybe by making a video just like I’m doing now?

Think about how the land of her birth got to this position. How much (or how little) prolife activity will it take to trigger enforcement of the law? Will prosecutions ensue?

It’s worth working to keep the same kind of law from gaining a foothold here. Start with peaceful and persistent exercise of the First Amendment in defense of the right to life. Respond to any challenges with a vigorous legal defense. Make sure the French law is merely a cautionary tale, not a bellwether of what’s ahead for the USA.

Béatrice Fedor’s French-language video is shown below. 

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