Is it your turn for 40DFL leadership?

Manchester, New Hampshire has had 40 Days for Life campaigns since 2009.  There’s a leadership team behind each campaign, handling administrative and organizational details. Without a team, there’s no campaign.

Now’s the time for leadership to assemble for next spring’s campaign. Veterans from the current team are stepping down. They’re appealing for replacements who are willing to make a commitment by December 20. In the words of Stephen and Beth Scaer of the Manchester 40DFL team, “Shepherds Wanted.” They recently sent out this message.

Dear friends in Christ:

Thank you for another successful 40 Days for Life campaign. 80 people participated in the vigil, covering 156 hours. Approximately 45 came to the opening rally, 40 Days United bus rally, and Jericho march and 35 attended our closing candlelight vigil. And most important of all, during the campaign two abortion-minded mothers changed their minds and chose life for their babies!

After years of yeoman’s work on 40 Days for Life, Joan is stepping down from the leadership team to focus on her other ministries. Although we are willing to continue organizing events, coordinating the vigil calendar, and preparing the newsletter, we need fresh leadership in order to launch a successful Lent campaign.

If the Holy Spirit is calling you to this life-saving work, or you have any questions, please email us at or call Beth at (978) 226-3240.

This is not an appeal for people to cover vigil hours in the next campaign – that will come later. Today’s appeal is for people to join leadership. The Scaers would love to hear from potential volunteers by December 20.

Learn more about the Manchester campaign on its Facebook page.

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