Voting Records: Rockingham County state reps, 2015-16

In a downloadable PDF document embedded below, here is a compilation of votes cast by New Hampshire state representatives from Rockingham County on selected bills on which I’ve reported in the past session, 2015-16. No scores or endorsements – just votes.

Records for Hillsborough County representatives are in another post. I’ve not compiled records for New Hampshire’s other counties, but voting information is available at the General Court web page.

VOTE on November 8. Do not be dissuaded by the choices at the top of the ticket, if you share my aversion to the lot of them. Downballot is where policies will be made and enforced, for good or ill. Let’s get to work.

Request a sample ballot from your town clerk, if you’re not sure in which district you reside.

The only candidates I’ve included here are incumbents seeking re-election. I have omitted party affiliation. One incumbent running for re-election, Michael Edgar of Rockingham district 21, won a special election late in the term and was not in office when these votes were cast.

Any errors in the compilation are my own.

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Links to bills used for this compilation

Each hyperlink will take you to the roll call I used for the bill.

  • HB 1399, requiring licensure of outpatient abortion facilities
  • HB 1570, buffer zone repeal
  • HB 1623, prohibiting abortions for genetic abnormalities (eugenic abortion)
  • HB 1625, limiting post-viability abortions
  • HB 1627, relative to infants born alive after attempted abortion
  • HB 1636, limiting abortions past the point at which the fetus can feel pain
  • HB 1663, prohibiting buying, selling, and experimenting on aborted fetal remains
  • HB 1684, prohibiting the use of public funds, employees and facilities  in assisting or performing abortions
  • HB 194, acknowledging the personhood of the unborn human being
  • HB 560, Griffin’s Law/fetal homicide, as introduced by Rep. Rideout (more on fetal homicide legislation here)
  • HB 670, conscience rights for medical personnel

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