Observing a Republican “take on” his party

I wonder if New Hampshire Republicans take exception to this: “Chris Sununu took on own party for women’s health.” That statement is featured in a television ad now running, a week before the election.

screenshot of TV ad, November 2016
screenshot of TV ad, November 2016

Looking at you, GOP. What are you – against women’s health? Why else would your own gubernatorial candidate say he “took on [his] own party” over women’s health? 

Nasty implication there, bordering on a smear of Republicans, if Sununu’s statement is taken at face value.

But let’s be serious. Sununu’s talking about his Executive Council votes to give contracts to Planned Parenthood. That one vote he cast against a contract in 2015 appears more and more like an aberration, wiped from the slate by his do-over last June.

Candidate Sununu now abuses the term “women’s health” the same way his opposite number in the Democratic party does: equating taxpayer money to PP with “women’s health.”

I was at the Executive Council meetings where the last two PP contracts were considered. Neither of the Councilors now running for governor queried the commissioner of health and human services about doing business with a vendor that publicly threatened women with loss of health care if a contract were denied while at the same time spending well over a million bucks on “public policy”, fundraising, and marketing.

Now, both candidates for governor are touting their “women’s health” credentials, debasing the term by using it as code for taxpayer funding of abortion providers. One candidate has now implied that his own party is an obstacle to women’s health – at least that’s how the ad sounds to this independent voter. The other party’s candidate ought to be drafting a thank-you note to Sununu right about now.

It’s not my business how a party’s candidate characterizes his or her own party, since I am what is known in the Granite State as “undeclared.” This ad is a curious thing, though. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s received by voters and by Sununu’s fellow GOP candidates.

4 thoughts on “Observing a Republican “take on” his party

  1. I personally feel betrayed. Who can I vote for in good conscience?
    The platform is irrelevant to this candidate. Some say, “Vote for the platform, not the man.” If the man doesn’t stand on the platform, he nulifies it altogether.
    ~Darlene Pawlik

    1. From what I’ve heard today via phone and social media, you’re not the only person in this position. Looks like the Executive Council races just got even more important.

  2. What about the young women who are aborted? What about their rights, their health care..it is so sad to see the Republicans cave to the disastrous funding of the destruction of life on every level. Believe it or not Donal Trump was the first Republican to stand on a public stage and declare this atrocity for what it is..and we wonder why he is so popular. I cannot judge a person who has felt compelled to have an abortion I know many women who have. But I cannot condone this procedure, our thinking is so dark …in this area. The most innocent of our society are killed and we accept it as what should be. There is no public discourse on this subject. Today we can operate successfully on a baby while still in the womb and yet we can kill it according to Hillary at 9 months..WOW think of that! The reason slavery existed for so long is because we as a society refused to acknowledge that slaves were people i.e. human. As long as they were chattel we felt secure in our degrading of them. We have done the same thing with abortion. As long as we call it a fetus we feel good. When slaves became human we saw the darkness and injustice of our ways. I can only hope the same will happen in America once again.

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