Three, not two, on the ballot for Governor

The ads on television and online might leave you thinking there are only two people running for New Hampshire Governor: Democrat Colin Van Ostern and Republican Chris Sununu.

Rep. Max Abramson ( photo)
Rep. Max Abramson ( photo)

There is a third candidate on the ballot: Rep. Max Abramson of Seabrook, running as a Libertarian.  The Big Two aren’t worried about him. Still, there he is. I have not interviewed him. He has a voting record from his term as state rep, though. Rep. Abramson:

  • supported repeal of the buffer zone law (HB 1570, 3/9/16)
  • voted against “inexpedient to legislate” motions on bills to restrict post-20-week abortions (HB 1328, 3/9/16), to make abortion facilities meet the same standards as ambulatory care facilities (HB 1399, 3/9/16), to prohibit abortions on the grounds of genetic abnormalities (HB 1623, 3/9/16), and to keep taxpayer money away from abortion providers (HB 677, 2015)
  • supported a ban on post-viability abortions (HB 1625, 3/9/16)

Incumbent Executive Councilors Van Ostern and Sununu deal in contracts, not bills, so their voting records can’t be compared to Abramson’s. We know that Planned Parenthood has endorsed Mr. Van Ostern, and that both he and Mr. Sununu have voted to send our money to PP and other abortion providers.

(You DID know that, right?)

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3 thoughts on “Three, not two, on the ballot for Governor

  1. Thank you for including my name. I noticed last summer that we might not have a prolife candidate on the ballot. After talking to other members of the House Prolife Caucus, I decided to throw my hat in the ring in hopes of getting on the debate stage to persuade listeners that an unborn child is alive and has as much a right to live as anyone else.

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