Weekend reading – and a movie screening to add to your calendar

September 22 (that’s next Thursday) at the Nashua Public Library, 7 p.m., there will be a free screening of the documentary Hush. I saw it a few months ago courtesy of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, and it deserves much wider circulation. Attend if you can, and bring a friend or two.

From the film’s promotional web site:

“In ‘Pro-Life’ circles, hearing about the negative effects of abortion is a common thing. Churches and Crisis Pregnancy Centres will tell you about the psychological trauma, potential for physical damage, and even breast cancer, that abortion may cause.

“On the other hand, in ‘Pro-Choice’ circles, and at abortion  clinics it is commonly told that the procedure is much safer than childbirth, that the psychological effects are the same as if you deliver the child, and the breast cancer connection is a closed case.

“One way or another, someone is lying to women.”

Catholic Bishops respond to “Catholics for Choice”

An ad campaign launched recently by pro-abortion Catholics drew a quick response from the U.S. Catholic bishops.

“The organization rejects and distorts Catholic social teaching — and actually attacks its foundation. As Pope Francis said this summer to leaders in Poland,. . . ‘Life must always be welcomed and protected…from conception to natural death. All of us are called to respect life and care for it.'”

Read the full statement here.

Bonus video: David Daleiden on Planned Parenthood’s political work

h/t to Lila Rose, who posted this short video to her Twitter feed where I found it.


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