After November, we march

I’ve caught flak from various quarters for my decision not to support either the GOP or Democratic nominee for President. Let it fly; that goes with the territory during election season. Let’s look past the election for a minute. Not too far past, either.

Whoever wins – Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green – needs to see something a few days after inauguration: a March for Life in Washington that’s impossible to ignore. Peaceful, as always, but disruptive by its sheer volume and the determination of the marchers. It wouldn’t hurt for members of Congress to see that, too, particularly the Senators who will vote on any Supreme Court nominees.

Friday, January 27, 2017 is the date. The March has been moved from its usual January 22 date in order to accommodate the arrangements for the presidential inauguration.

I’m saving up for the trip myself, and keeping an eye out for chartered buses.

I know that financial and logistical factors make the March impossible for me most years. The alternative is the New Hampshire March for Life, sponsored every year by New Hampshire Right to Life, usually held the Saturday before the national March. Come to Concord. The Governor, Executive Councilors, and state reps will need to get the message, too. Marchers are always joined by some courageous and committed pro-life elected officials.

Harry Blackmun and his colleagues on the Supreme Court ensured by the timing of Roe v. Wade that we would have mid-winter weather to contend with on the decision’s anniversary. Last January’s March in Washington was held during a blizzard warning that prompted cancellations of many buses, and I don’t blame anyone who chose to stay home. Blizzards on the day of the March are rare, though. Usually it’s just cold and windy, and we New Englanders can handle that. And if Washington is besieged by weather, there’s always Concord.

Public witness to the right to life is becoming more important, not less.

Plan now.

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