From the Pray for Life Center: “It’s not nice to litter”

Here’s a little story about cognitive dissonance in the big city.

Cathy of the Pray for Life Center in Manchester, New Hampshire sends out a weekly email about what goes on during her vigils outside the Planned Parenthood office on Thursdays, which are reportedly when surgical abortions are performed on site. (Cathy‘s been at this for awhile, as I noted back in 2013.) In case you’re not a subscriber, I want to share her latest. It caught me off guard.

“The Thursday vigil participants watched as the family of five (six with the unborn baby) went into Planned Parenthood. Before long, the father and three little boys said good-bye to their mother and drove off while she had the abortion. As they left, one of the boys threw an empty soda can onto the street and his father stopped to retrieve it – explaining it’s not nice to litter.”

Not all personal choices are created equal, I guess.

Here’s the link to the full email. Cathy’s message includes an announcement about a September 19 training session for sidewalk counselors. See her email for details.

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