“Hush” documentary: free screening in Nashua, 9/22

photo7-215x215Thanks to the diligent efforts of a Nashua resident, the groundbreaking documentary “Hush” will be shown free of charge at the Nashua Public Library on September 22 at 7 p.m. I saw this film a few months ago before its official release, and I recommend it to anyone – regardless of position on the right to life – who is concerned about women’s health. There’s no other documentary like this. A pro-choice director and a pro-life producer got together for the project with one common concern: women’s health, and whether abortion has affected it. They present their alarming and enlightening findings in the film, without sensationalism.

This excellent documentary is worth seeing. It’s less than two hours long, so the screening won’t run too late. Bring your friends & spread the word. Students, this is for you, too.

I wrote this after seeing the film last April.

Pro-choice documentary filmmaker Punam Kumar Gill and pro-life producer Joses Martin explored that subject, not knowing where it would lead. What they found was clinical evidence of a link between abortion and breast cancer – a link that has been “hushed up.” They also saw how in different parts of the world, preborn girls are usually the ones targeted in sex-selection abortions. Gill and Martin saw the money-making side of the abortion industry and the effects of abortion on a woman’s later pregnancies.

“Hush” is the result. Gill remains pro-choice, but she doesn’t deny or turn away from her infuriating findings. She calls for open, honest dialogue.

Thursday, September 22, 7 p.m. at the Nashua Public Library: your evening will be well-spent.




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