Edelblut: Sununu “doesn’t know what he believes in”

Gubernatorial candidate Frank Edelblut, one of several Republican primary contenders, took fellow candidate Chris Sununu to task after Sununu flip-flopped on Planned Parenthood funding at today’s Executive Council meeting. I spoke with Edelblut briefly after the Council’s vote.

“We need a Governor who knows what he believes in,” he said. “Chris Sununu has been playing politics with this thing for the last week, maybe ten days, playing us, because he doesn’t know what he believes in. He just appropriated money to an agency that’s already overspent their budget by 16 million dollars, and just gave them another $600,000. That’s just wrong.”

Frank Edelblut (at right) talks with Jean Ferreira (in hat) before Executive Council meeting. Ellen Kolb photo.

Two other Republican gubernatorial candidates critical of Sununu’s vote weighed in via social media.

Ted Gatsas on Twitter:

Jeanie Forrester took Sununu to task via Facebook:

On the Democratic side, gubernatorial candidate Colin Van Ostern was one of the Councilors joining Sununu in supporting the PP contract.

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