Preliminary situation report: N.H. House

Defense of pro-life seats in the New Hampshire House is underway, believe it or not. I have some numbers for you. No names yet; those will follow later. For now, here’s a quick look at the lay of the land.

I compared the list of candidates (available on the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s web site) with my list of some significant 2016 House votes. On this first pass, I looked only at candidates running for re-election to the House who scored what in my opinion was 100% positive OR 100% negative AND who showed up for every vote.  In other words, these results are subjective and incomplete.

Among candidates who got all the votes right (in my humble opinion), 25 are running for re-election. Fourteen of those face primaries just to get to the general election in November. That includes two reps who have chosen to run for state Senate.

Among candidates who went the other way, 45 are running for re-election. Seventeen of those have NO competition: no primary, and then no candidate from the other party in the general election.

So… at least seventeen people with awful voting records on the life issues are a lock for re-election. At least fourteen people with good voting records have to spend the summer campaigning just to stand out from the competitors on their own side of the ticket for the September primary. Both of those numbers will go up when I factor in the reps who missed some of the votes I tracked but whose life-issue leanings are apparent.

As the sign in my office says: No Whining Allowed. It’s time to get your game face on.

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