Weekend reading, 5/6/16: Smith, Roarty, Fedor

Here’s a week’s-end selection of my three favorite recent posts from other blogs, to be sampled after you’re caught up on Leaven for the Loaf.

Wesley Smith: Declare total non-cooperation with assisted suicide (firstthings.com)

Wesley Smith (Discovery Institute photo)
Wesley Smith (Discovery Institute photo)

“What should opponents of the culture of death do if they—like I, a native Californian—live in a jurisdiction that legalizes assisted suicide? I suggest a policy of total and unequivocal non-cooperation with the suicide agenda.” Read the rest of the post.

Alex Roarty: EMILY’s List strategy questioned after big losses (rollcall.com)

“[Last Tuesday] Katie McGinty won Pennsylvania’s Senate Democratic primary last week thanks in part to a major investment from EMILY’s List, which spent nearly $2 million to help her overcome a difficult opponent. It was the only good news on an otherwise dreadful night for EMILY’s List which backs Democratic women who support abortion rights — the group also lost a quartet of races that has Democratic strategists questioning if its political operation requires a strategic reassessment.” Read the rest of the post.

Béatrice Fedor: “Judging a soul is God’s business, not yours. Your business is to be compassionate and to offer help.” (400wordsforwomen.com)

“… if you want to save the babies while looking down on the mothers, I seriously don’t know what you are doing in the Pro-Life movement.” Read the rest of the post.

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