No repeal of buffer zone in 2016

In a repeat of a 2015 vote, the New Hampshire Senate on May 5 refused to endorse repeal of a law permitting abortion facilities to establish buffer zones within which First Amendment activities are barred.

The ought-to-pass motion on the repeal bill, HB 1570, failed on a 12-12 vote. The bill was then tabled.

No votes shifted from 2015’s repeal effort.

The buffer zone law, passed in 2014, has not yet been enforced. Enforcement would be triggered by the posting of a zone, which is left under terms of the law to the discretion of abortion facility staff.

Voting “ought to pass” on HB 1570, in favor of repeal: Senators Forrester, Bradley, Cataldo, Sanborn, Daniels, Avard, Carson, Boutin, Reagan, Birdsell, Morse and Prescott. All are Republicans.

Voting against the ought to pass motion (all are Democrats except for Little and Stiles, who are Republican): Senators Woodburn, Watters, Pierce, Hosmer, Little, Kelly, Lasky, Feltes, Soucy, D’Allesandro, Fuller Clark and Stiles.

See “The Buffer Zone Story” for accounts of the law from initial “conversations” to passage and litigation. 

2 thoughts on “No repeal of buffer zone in 2016

  1. Hello Ellen,

    Thank you for the update.

    I think I’ll give Little and Stiles a call.

    God Bless.

    Jack Marren

    1. With brevity and courtesy, I’m sure. Alas, the deal is done. Sen. Little will shortly be off to his new post as Banking Commissioner, so there’s no chance he’ll get another crack at a similar bill next year. It’s odd that a bill that does not affect abortion itself, and does not even affect Roe v. Wade, arouses such passionate opposition.

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