Buffer zone repeal & stats votes in Senate Thursday 5/5

HB 1570, the buffer zone repeal bill, has been rushed onto the New Hampshire Senate’s agenda for this week. The bill is now scheduled for a vote Thursday, May 5, at a session beginning at 10 a.m. The revised Senate calendar also indicates that the abortion statistics bill, HB 629, will be up for a vote at the same session.

The Senate gallery accommodates several dozen people and is open to the public during Senate sessions. Access (requiring stairs) is on the second floor of the State House on the north side, on the opposite side of the building from Representatives’ Hall.

A similar repeal bill was tabled last year after an ought-to-pass motion failed on a tie vote. The same Senators are in office this year.

What you can do

  • Be in the gallery on Thursday. Be aware that the agenda is subject to changes that are beyond the public’s control, and any bill might be removed from the schedule.
  • Contact Senators with a brief and courteous message: “Support Ought-to-Pass on HB 1570 as introduced and OTP on HB 629 as amended by the House.”  If you send email, put “OTP on HB 1570 and HB 629” in the subject line; sometimes that’s all a legislator reads. If you speak to your own Senator, mention that you are a constituent. Note that some Senators have Facebook pages; you can contact them that way, too.
  • Share this information with every pro-life and pro-First-Amendment friend you have. Make sure the Senators know we’re watching.

Contact information for Senators is at this link; find out which district you live in at this link.

Last year’s repeal vote, so you know where they stood:

This is how Senators voted, as reported on the blog last year. 
Voting to repeal the buffer zone law: Senators Jeanie Forrester of Meredith (district 2), Jeb Bradley of Wolfeboro (dist. 3), Sam Cataldo of Farmington (dist. 6), Andy Sanborn of Bedford (dist. 9), Gary Daniels of Milford (dist. 11), Kevin Avard of Nashua (dist. 12), Sharon Carson of Londonderry (dist. 14), David Boutin of Hooksett (dist. 16), John Reagan of Deerfield (dist. 17), Regina Birdsell of Hampstead (dist. 19), Chuck Morse of Salem (dist. 22), and Russell Prescott of Kingston (dist. 23). Bradley was one of the sponsors of the original buffer zone law, but he supported repeal in 2015.

Voting to  keep the buffer zone law in place: Senators Jeff Woodburn of Dalton (district 1), David Watters of Dover (dist. 4), David Pierce of Lebanon (dist. 5), Andrew Hosmer of Laconia (dist. 7), Jerry Little of Weare (dist. 8), Molly Kelly of Keene (dist. 10), Bette Lasky of Nashua (dist. 13), Dan Feltes of Concord (dist. 15), Donna Soucy of Manchester (dist. 18), Lou D’Allesandro of Manchester (dist. 20), Martha Fuller Clark of Portsmouth (dist. 21), and Nancy Stiles of Hampton (dist. 24).

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