Keep striving

Thank you to all the readers who have helped celebrate four years of Leaven for the Loaf. Year five is underway, and I’ll keep striving as you do to build a culture where no human being has to rely on another’s permission to live.

Leaven has gone from a spare-time hobby to an all but full-time effort. Thank you to the blog’s donors and shoppers for their votes of confidence.

I’ll continue to attend as many hearings in Concord as I can. What happens in the floor votes usually depends a great deal on what’s said and agreed to at the committee level. Let’s keep watching.

Ready for the fall elections? I am. Not so much that presidential thing – although ignoring it will be impossible – but the state-level offices. Congressional offices, too. I’ll watch and report. Keep me posted on interesting candidates in your area.

This is a tiny effort, as blogs go. Even so, traffic is up dramatically over a year ago. People are paying attention to the life issues in New Hampshire. Thank you for every blog and Facebook post you’ve shared, for every retweet, for following Instagram.

Year five is here. I’ll see you along the way.

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