Reminder: seeking sponsors for Care Net’s Walk for Life

You may have seen this already on Leaven’s Twitter and Facebook feeds. I want to be sure I don’t miss any readers!
April is coming to a close, and with it Leaven’s 4-year “blogiversary” celebration. I have one more thing on the anniversary to-do list: participate in the May 7 Walk for Life to benefit Care Net of Manchester and Nashua.

The Walk is only eleven days away, and my goal of raising $400 for Care Net is within reach. Can’t walk at the Manchester or Nashua event yourself? Let me do it for you, and let’s work together! I’m $173 away from my goal, and here’s how you can help:

Donate $2 (the price of a package of baby wipes)…
Or $6 (the price of a package of diapers)…
Or $10 (enough for a package of receiving blankets)…
Or $50 (to help Care Net buy a new car seat for a family).

Of course, if you’re doing the event yourself, I wish you well as you gather sponsors. I won’t do any poaching. See you on the 7th – and THANK YOU!

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