Walls & talk & film & a book…

Thank you to the reader who shared with me the latest email newsletter from the Lovering Center in Greenland. The newsletter includes this event announcement: “Free Movie Showing…’If These Walls Could Talk’…sponsored by the Lovering Health Center. May 2nd, 6:30 p.m., Levenson Room, the Portsmouth Public Library. Snacks and light refreshments will be provided. Following the film, you can participate in an art project to contribute to the 1 in 3 campaign.” It’s unclear whether the film is the twenty-year-old original or the sequel from 2000. Both are abortion advocacy pieces.

Tempting as “snacks and light refreshments” might be, I’ll skip this one. My time will be better spent with the definitive response to the film: The Walls are Talking, by Abby Johnson and Kristin Detrow. In their book, they let former abortion workers do the talking, bearing witness to their own experiences with the women who came to their facilities.

I hope that one day, The Walls are Talking or excerpts from it will be available in a low-cost paperback format that can be handed out at screenings of the old movie that inspired its title.

For now, I say find it, anywhere you can: on Amazon or the website of publisher Ignatius Press or the shelves of your local bricks-and-mortar bookstore. When you’re done, donate your copy to your town or church library. or lend it out yourself.

Snacks and light refreshments are optional.

2 thoughts on “Walls & talk & film & a book…

  1. In your linked post on The Walls Are Talking there is a quote from the book ” … The fact is that the people who are committed to the abortion movement are willing to sacrifice their time, talents, and treasure in a way that I have not seen elsewhere.” To me this statement is the self-serving justification that we all use when we know that we are sinning and choose to continue doing it anyway. The abortion workers are inside out of the weather, being well paid, and receiving generous benefits. Those trying to protect life are out in the weather, unpaid, with no financial benefits. They suffer verbal abuse and some times physical threats from pro-death supporters passing by.

    1. I quite agree with you about the pro-lifers on the sidewalk. I’m only guessing here, but I wonder if the quoted ex-abortion worker is struggling with her transition to a new job if not a new career. She might be wondering why the only ministry dedicated to assisting people like her has to struggle to raise funds, with so many pro-life churches out there. But I think you and I agree that the peaceful pro-life witnesses on the sidewalks are sacrificing plenty. Who knows – that worker, whoever she is, might be right out there with us someday.

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