The blogiversary celebration starts now; let’s Walk for Life

Leaven for the Loaf is a month away from its fourth anniversary. As April 17th approaches, I’ll be marking the milestone with some special posts and re-posts. But how about a party? Can we have a blogiversary (trust me, it’s a word) without a party?

Yes, we can. Instead of reserving a venue and ordering cupcakes, I’m going to participate in the Walk for Life on May 7 to benefit Care Net in Manchester and Nashua.  I know I have readers who are part of these events every year, but this will be my first one.

So what can you give your humble blogger to celebrate four years of covering events, watching legislators, and writing about Granite State pro-life ministries? You can donate to my Walk for Life efforts for Care Net via this FundEasy pledge page:

My goal is $400. (Four years, $400…makes sense to me.) I’m asking you, my readers, to pitch in and donate to the cause. Share this appeal far and wide. Let’s see if we can hit that goal in seven weeks, a little bit (maybe the price of a box of diapers?) at a time.

Will you be doing the Walk for Life yourself, alone or with a team, in Manchester or Nashua? Let me know, and I’ll give you a shout-out on Leaven’s Facebook page.

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