A post-abortion counselor speaks out

Second in the Voices to Trust series.
Karen Colageo
Karen Colageo (photo by Ellen Kolb)

When it comes to counseling or ministry with post-abortive women, a woman who has had an abortion herself brings empathy and a kind of credibility that only comes from shared experience. Karen Colageo is one such counselor, volunteering with a local Care Net affiliate.

She spoke to a Manchester group a few months ago about her work, giving a glimpse into an aspect of pro-life work unfamiliar to many of her listeners. She included a direct plea: “Be careful what you say. There are a lot of broken women out there. Condemnation does no good. Women must be saved as well as children. We cannot forget that.”

This kind of work fostering post-abortion healing gets little press. It isn’t political. It takes place in confidential settings. No telling exactly how many women engage in this particular peer ministry and who say with Karen, “My heart is with the woman who has had an abortion….Women need to know their abortions can be forgiven. They can turn death into life. I’ve seen truly broken women come alive.”

Those are words of conviction, from a voice to trust.

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