The mugs of Advent: plan for some fun

Cup Clipart Black And White | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart ImagesReaders who observe Advent, I have a little fun-and-games planned. Readers who don’t observe the season, please indulge me.

So the mermaid-coffee people have red cups for this month and next. The cups aren’t Christmas-specific. So what? Has anyone noticed that we haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving yet? And poor Advent gets no respect at all.

Well, here on this little blog, it will. This year, Advent begins on November 29, a shade less than two weeks from now. On that day, I’m going to begin an Instagram project (@leaven4theloaf) that you can join. It requires an Advent mug. Seriously. Let the mermaid-coffee people use red cups. They’re only merchants. Those of us who observe Advent can fly our own colors.

The idea is to use the mug as a prop in photos during Advent. Are you lighting an Advent wreath? Take a picture, with the mug in the photo somewhere. Are you at your desk at work? Put the mug on the desk and take a picture. If you’re feeling particularly subversive, go to the mermaid-coffee shop, order a small coffee (I recommend Sumatra), pour it into your mug, and snap a photo, preferably with the store’s logo somewhere in the background. You get the idea. Selfies are optional; personally, I feel very awkward taking a picture of myself.

Post to Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or your own blog. Let’s get some purple and rose out there. Use the hashtags #Adventmug and #Advent. Add some class to your social media feed.

I had a dickens of a time tracking down a mug that even had Advent colors on it. I wound up getting a plain white one at the dollar store and then putting purple-and-rose stickers on it. I’ll unveil it on the first Sunday of Advent so you can snicker at my lack of design savvy. Don’t have Advent colors on any of your mugs? Tie a purple ribbon on the handle of your coffee cup, and get those photos.

Who’s with me?

4 thoughts on “The mugs of Advent: plan for some fun

  1. Where is the mermaid coffee shop?

    There’s always “design your own mug” websites…some do photos. They usually run just $10.

    Cool idea!

    1. Begins with “star”, ends with “bucks.” They use a mermaid in their logo. Trying not to stomp too hard on anyone’s copyright here. This is the company that sued a small NH roastery a few years back for naming its dark roast “Charbucks,” saying that people would get the two businesses confused. (A court eventually found in favor of the little guy.)

  2. What a cool idea, Ellen. Like opening the little doors on an advent calendar. It is also going to stretch us who are still learning how to do all these techno stuff – like instagram… Looking forward to seeing what people post…

    1. Thanks, Nancy – I have no idea if this will go anywhere, but I know I need all the Advent reinforcement I can get. I might as well enjoy the process!

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