A cancer survivor’s advice: “Think Before You Pink”

Meme by Birgit Jones
Meme by Birgit Jones

Fresh off a Sunday spent watching NFL football, with players and officials alike sporting pink doodads as some kind of anti-breast-cancer talismans, I find this thoughtful blog post by Birgit Jones, who’s a Catholic blogger and a breast cancer survivor. Please, do yourself a favor during this month of breast-cancer fundraising and read what she has to say. She speaks of gratitude and love for those who helped her through her diagnosis and treatment, but she includes a cautionary note for everyone looking for ways to support people dealing with breast cancer.

In this month of October, the pink month, a moral duty presents itself. Aware that Susan G Komen and the American Cancer Society cooperate with Planned Parenthood, we are bound to share their unholy alliances with those around us. Both of these organizations also cooperate with embryonic stem cell research. The color pink has become associated with groups that prey on unborn victims while portraying themselves champions for cancer victims. Don’t fall for the sentimentality that partners with evil. Think Before You Pink.

Cancer victims need our support. While we make ourselves aware of emotional traps set by unethical organizations our moral duty begs that we inform others. Let them know of morally sound ways to help those suffering from cancer. Drive, clean, cook, visit, and console. Show love and offer prayer. Then make those around you aware of groups such as Polycarp Research Institute, Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, and National Breast Cancer Foundation®  who do research in tangible, moral ways. Donate to an individual patient or to these groups.

I’ve written about the Komen/PP connection before (here, here, and here, for anyone who wants to explore the archives), and once again I recommend Karen Handel’s book Planned Bullyhood for an insider’s view of what happened when the Komen foundation decided oh-so-briefly to stop making grants to Planned Parenthood.

More from Birgit here.


2 thoughts on “A cancer survivor’s advice: “Think Before You Pink”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s a worthy effort to inform others about how the PINK crowd uses both cancer victims and the unborn as unwilling pawns. God bless!

    1. You’re welcome, Birgit! You gave me good information and I hope more people see it. You speak with authority as a breast cancer survivor. Frankly, I get up-to-here with the pink symbols. Not only do they set off alarms from a pro-life viewpoint, but breast cancer isn’t even the disease most likely to kill me – statistically, I’m more likely to die of heart disease. How I’d love to see all those NFL players working to bring attention to that!

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