Mammograms? Not from Planned Parenthood

At this writing, Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States do not provide mammograms. The Secretary of Health and Human Services has claimed otherwise and so has the reigning Miss Tennessee – and they’re both wrong. A big deal? Only because PP’s national leadership does not correct the falsehood – or maybe it’s a simple mistake, albeit particularly egregious coming from an HHS official.

The persistence of the Planned-Parenthood-does-mammograms myth prompted a nationwide “Schedule Your Mammogram With PP” day this week. Women called their local PP affiliates and asked for mammograms. No luck. Abby Johnson has produced a Storify post summarizing the replies. (More can be found on the Facebook pages for Abby Johnson: ProWoman ProChildProLife and for And Then There Were None – Prolife Outreach.) A small selection:

No mammograms in Arlington, TX. All they do is refer. If giving out a name is all they can do and they “provide” mammograms the Google must be a mammogram provider, too!

No mammograms in Riverside, CA.

I couldn’t schedule a mammogram at any Planned Parenthood in Utah.

And so on. Hold on to that Storify link. Might come in handy at some point – such as the next time a beneficiary of PP political donations lets slip the word “mammogram” when defending PP.


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