Two NH House de-funding bills: who rejected both? who supported both?

piggy bank office_com - Copy[Note: An error in the original post had several representatives on both lists. That has been corrected. I regret the error.]

The New Hampshire House killed HB 677 earlier this year, a bill to keep taxpayer money away from abortion providers. The link to the complete roll call is here. Note that the motion was “inexpedient to legislate” (ITL), so on the 216-142 tally, Yea was a vote to kill the bill. Reasons might vary for failing to support the bill – didn’t like the way the bill was drafted, didn’t want to deny funds to organizations that do so much good (or as I call it, the Duprey option), whatever – but you won’t know unless you ask. Find contact information for your reps on the state web site.

Another bill to keep public funds away from abortion providers, HB 228, was introduced in 2011 and was approved by the House in January 2012. It actually passed the House (see the roll call) but was tabled in the Senate. The House motion was “ought to pass” (OTP), so on HB 228, Yea indicated support.

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Who rejected both de-funding bills?

These are the representatives who supported the ITL motion on HB 677 AND voted against the OTP motion on HB 228. They had two chances to get taxpayers out of the abortion business, and twice they refused to do so. I’ll look on the bright side and say that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Alphabetically by county, with party affiliation in parentheses:

BELKNAP: Donald Flanders (r), Franklin Tilton (r)

CARROLL: Karen Umberger (r)

CHESHIRE: Cynthia Chase (d), John Hunt (r), Henry Parkhurst (d), Tara Sad (d), Franklin Sterling (r), Bruce Tatro (d), Lucy Weber (d)

COOS: Robert Theberge (d), Yvonne Thomas (d)

GRAFTON: Susan Almy (d), Mary Cooney (d), Rick Ladd (r), Sharon Nordgren (d), Suzanne Smith (d), Charles Townsend (d), Andrew White (d)

HILLSBOROUGH: Chris Christensen (r), Jack Flanagan (r), Carolyn Gargasz (r), Kenneth Gidge (d), Jeffrey Goley (d), Mary Gorman (d), Jean Jeudy (d), Neal Kurk (r), Peter Leishman (d), Patrick Long (d), Russell Ober (r), Marjorie Porter (d), Ted Rokas (d), Cindy Rosenwald (d), Lisa Scontsas (r), Barbara Shaw (d), Daniel Sullivan (d)

MERRIMACK: Helen Deloge (d), June Frazer (d), Mary Gile (d), David Kidder (r), Frank Kotowski (r), James MacKay (d), Dick Patten (d), Stephen Shurtleff (d), Mary Jane Wallner (d)

ROCKINGHAM: Mary Allen (r), Jacqueline Cali-Pitts (d), Robert Elliott (r), Patricia Lovejoy (d), Betsy McKinney (r), Charles McMahon (r), Marcia Moody (d), Laura Pantelakos (d), Joanne Ward (r)

STRAFFORD: Timothy Horrigan (d), Naida Kaen (d), Peter Schmidt (d), Dale Sprague (d), Janet Wall (d)

SULLIVAN: John Cloutier (d), Raymond Gagnon (d), Andrew Schmidt (d)

Who Supported Both de-funding Bills?

Here’s the other side of the coin: reps who supported OTP on HB 228 and opposed ITL on HB 677.

BELKNAP: Guy Comtois (r), Franklin Tilton (r)

CARROLL: Frank McCarthy (r)


COOS: Laurence Rappaport (r)

GRAFTON: Paul Ingbretson (r), Jeffrey Shackett (r)

HILLSBOROUGH: Richard Barry (r), James Belanger (r), Ralph Boehm (r), John Burt (r), Lars Christiansen (r), James Coffey (r), Daniel Donovan (r), Larry Gagne (r), Dick Hinch (r), Edith Hogan (r), Gary Hopper (r), Don LeBrun (r), Keith Murphy (r), Jeanine Notter (r), Barry Palmer (r), Anthony Pellegrino (r), Laurie Sanborn (r), Carl Seidel (r), Tammy Simmons (r), Kathy Souza (r), Steve Stepanek (r), Timothy Twombly, Jordan Ulery (r)

MERRIMACK: Greg Hill (r), JR Hoell (r), Carol McGuire (r), Dan McGuire (r), Brian Seaworth (r)

ROCKINGHAM: Al Baldasaro (r), David Bates (r), Debra DeSimone (r), Joe Duarte (r), Robert Fesh (r), Kathleen Hoelzel (r), Robert Introne (r), Lawrence Kappler (r), Phyllis Katsakiores (r), Walter Kolodziej (r), John O’Connor (r), Frederick Rice (r), Kyle Tasker (r), James Webb (r), David Welch (r), Kenneth Weyler (r)

STRAFFORD: Roger Berube (d), Sue DeLemus (r), Warren Groen (r), Laura Jones (r), Robbie Parsons (r), Joe Pitre (r)


If your rep isn’t listed

This posts lists only people who voted the same way on both bills. The full roll calls linked near the top of this post will tell you if your representatives were absent for the vote(s). If your current rep wasn’t in office in 2012, she or he wouldn’t be on these lists. The Speaker of the House doesn’t vote if presiding, as was the case for Bill O’Brien in 2012 and Shawn Jasper in 2015.

In view of the recent videos of Planned Parenthood doctors, and in view of the fact that PP is the state’s largest abortion provider as well as a state family planning contractor, maybe it’s time to ask: are any of your reps who twice opposed de-funding reconsidering their stand?



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