Facing the Brutal Reality (reblogged from The Harvest is Abundant)

[Note: This is a short excerpt from Catherine Adair’s blog The Harvest is Abundant. You owe it to yourself to click through and read the whole thing. The recent Center for Medical Progress videos prompted this post. Catherine, a former PP worker, says “It took me awhile to write it, but I want to share with the world the truth behind the lies of Planned Parenthood.” –EGK]

Catherine Adair
Catherine Adair

For many of us, the former clinic workers and post-abortive women, the recent videos of Planned Parenthood executives are a nightmare. Reliving the horror of our abortions, reliving the gruesome work of the clinic, we feel alone. Who can understand our pain? We can’t even comprehend it. The callousness of those profiting from our pain is sickening, almost too much to bear. It is compounded when the media refuses to investigate the truth of what we see on those videos. It is compounded when the supporters of Planned Parenthood call us liars.

Read the full post, Facing the Brutal Reality, on The Harvest is Abundant.


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