After a grim week, a way forward – and a surprise no-show on EC agenda

Writers more gifted than I have responded and reacted in every possible forum to the Planned Parenthood physician captured on video discussing the procurement and sale of fetal body parts. Initial shock and revulsion have had their way with me. It’s time to look ahead. How?

First, act locally. In my area, that means watching the Executive Council to see how they deal with PP contracts.

By the way, I was surprised when the agenda for next Wednesday’s Council meeting was posted today without an item for a Planned Parenthood contract. I certainly expected one, knowing that their last round of state funding was due to expire June 30 (see this post from January 2014). 

Second, I’m going to reflect on two posts from people full of heart and hope.

Shawn Carney ( photo)
Shawn Carney ( photo)

From Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life: “We take risks when we are outraged. I challenge you to take a risk and use this video as a point of action, not to dwell on it and get depressed about the state of our culture – that is paralyzing and doesn’t do anyone any good. Instead, face and mourn the reality of abortion, pray and then act. I know the motivating power of frustration because the first-ever 40 Days for Life campaign came from frustration. That frustration led to prayer and prayer led to a peaceful 40-day campaign that has now been done in 579 cities in 30 countries.” Read The Question on Everyone’s Mind. 

Abby Johnson (E. Kolb photo)
Abby Johnson (E. Kolb photo)

And from Abby Johnson, ex-PP worker and founder of And Then There Were None, came an open letter addressed to one but meant for all. In Dear Dr. Nucatola: I used to harvest fetal tissue for Planned Parenthood just like you, she writes, “We believe that your life holds infinite value and worth. You matter to us. As hard as I fight to save unborn babies, I fight just as hard to save people like you from the grips of the abortion industry.” It’s a sobering and thoughtful reminder – to me, anyway – that the woman on video, nibbling on salad and sipping wine and describing how to abort a child without crushing the valuable parts, is still capable of making choices that could change her life.

Finally, looking ahead doesn’t mean forgetting what’s happened – not by a long shot. I am bookmarking three things for future reference: the transcript of the full-length video made by the Center for Medical Progress, the nine-minute CMS video that stunned me, and Mollie Hemingway’s sharp review of how major news outlets covered the story: The Bad, Worse, and Ugly: Media Coverage of Planned Parenthood’s Organ Harvesting Scandal.


2 thoughts on “After a grim week, a way forward – and a surprise no-show on EC agenda

  1. Well…..are we sure the Executive Council is going to be the decision making body about who gets the NH contract? Didn’t Planned Parenthood orchestrate a by-pass on the NH Executive Council vote against their NH
    contract during the construction of the previous NH budget?

    1. Good point, Veronica – and concerned New Hampshire residents are still in court trying to get information on how that federal money suddenly appeared after PP’s state contrast was denied by the Council in 2011. You raise a troubling prospect.

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