Update: in RI, an abandoned human being is finally laid to rest

Followup to a January 2015 post: a human fetus found in January in a Rhode Island sewage treatment plant has finally been laid to rest by the Diocese of Providence. Bishop Thomas Tobin’s offer to provide burial was accepted by authorities after a 5-month investigation was unable to determine the identity of the parents. The fetus’s gestational age was estimated to be 19-20 weeks.

Photo by Rick Snizek of The Rhode Island Catholic
Photo by Rick Snizek of The Rhode Island Catholic

See The Rhode Island Catholic’s coverage of the June 10 burial ceremony. From the post by editor Rick Snizek: “Bishop Tobin said he chose to name the baby Francis in honor of Pope Francis’ eloquence in encouraging the faithful to change the ‘throwaway culture’ of abortion that pervades society today. ‘This child is certainly a victim of that throwaway culture,’ he said. The Bishop again prayed for the parents of the child that God ‘will lift them up and help them through whatever difficult circumstances or sufferings that may have led them to this moment.'”

(My thanks to James Anderson for alerting me to this update.)

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