Three years down, more to go: thanks for reading!

thumbnail logo - CopyApril 17 marked the third anniversary of the day I launched Leaven for the Loaf. Thank you to my readers, a few of whom have followed the blog from day one and most of whom who have joined more recently. Seldom has a labor of love been so much fun. I hope to keep it going for a long time. I shall celebrate with a caffeinated beverage (a critical item in any blogger’s toolbox).

June 2012: religious freedom rally in Concord (with Catherine Adair)
June 2012: religious freedom rally in Concord (with Catherine Adair)

The first post I made (Still Talking About This) holds up pretty well as my statement of purpose for this enterprise. When I wrote it, I had no idea how many places my writing and reporting would take me and how many people I’d meet whose paths I wouldn’t otherwise have crossed. I’m richer for those experiences, and I hope I’ve written about them in a way that enriches readers as well. Thanks for all the news tips, introductions, and amazing projects you’ve shared with me.

January 2014: Marching for Life in Concord
January 2014: Marching for Life in Concord

I didn’t know what Instagram was in 2012. I hadn’t done much on Twitter or Google+. Now, the blog is on those media platforms with more to come. I never would have guessed three years ago that someone browsing on Pinterest could come across a photo from Leaven and click on it – but that happens. I’ve had some excellent pro advice (thank you, James and the Altos team) to help me with the back end of the blog, meaning everything that isn’t the actual writing, and everyone who has ever clicked on this site can be grateful since my own tech skills approach zero.

I’ll keep moving forward with the same determination I had when I started three years ago: So yes, we’re still talking about this. Pro-lifers cannot be effective if they stay huddled together. I propose that we step out in faith and leaven the loaf of public discourse. Let’s begin.

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