Most views in 2014: Griffin’s Law

CAM00397New Hampshire’s fetal homicide bill, Griffin’s Law, was the #1 story on Leaven for the Loaf for 2014. The series of seven posts covering HB 1503 took top honors in terms of number of reader views. The post on the bill’s first hearing, “We’re on a crusade,” was the year’s most-read individual item.

The fetal homicide bill, introduced by Rep. Leon Rideout (R-Lancaster), fell short of passage. Rep. Rideout has re-filed the bill for 2015, and another version is expected to be introduced in the Senate. While fetal homicide laws are common nationwide, New Hampshire has failed to enact such legislation despite repeated attempts. This year, “Griffin’s Law” was named for Griffin Donald Kenison, delivered prematurely as a result of an auto accident that injured his mother (Rep. Rideout’s daughter). Griffin did not survive. The driver responsible for the collision faced no charge in the child’s death. Members of the Kenison and Rideout families, North Country residents all, made several trips to Concord earlier this year to urge legislators to support HB 1503.

#2: Elections

Interviews with candidates attracted many readers this year. The most popular election-related posts peaked just before September’s primary: an interview with Jim Rubens, candidate in the U.S. Senate GOP primary (and the first candidate to sit down for a Leaven for the Loaf interview), and a transcript of remarks to pro-life voters by Jim Lawrence, GOP primary candidate in the Second Congressional District.

The race that got the most attention from readers: the U.S. Senate contest, in both the primary and the general.

#3: the Buffer Zone

The buffer zone was the third-most popular topic on Leaven this year, barely edged out by election coverage. Readers wanted to know what was happening from the first hearing on SB 319 through its passage, Governor Hassan’s inexplicable decision to sign the bill, and the inevitable lawsuit that has left the law in limbo.

The buffer zone story will continue in 2015. The lawsuit (Reddy v. Foster) is still pending, and a bill to repeal the law is being introduced.

Tomorrow: my heroes of 2014

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