Et cetera, week ending 11/16/14

BraveLove logoNational Adoption Month discovery:, which exists to change the perception of adoption by acknowledging the great courage of birth mothers. You’ll find many adoption stories on the site.

Catholic bishops in Kenya have spoken out against a government-administered tetanus-immunization program that seems to involve tetanus vaccine laced with a hormone that can trigger miscarriages and cause infertility in women. The bishops have no problem with tetanus shots. It’s the stealth “population control” that’s outrageous.

10671362_676031719179271_15519853640425422_nI’ll be traveling to Hartford, Connecticut next Saturday, November 22 to attend the East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide. Registration is still available; cost is $100, with a $30 rate for students and people with disabilities. Lunch is included. You can be sure I’ll have plenty to blog about from this event.

For anyone who might be traveling to Concord for hearings next session: the legislator orientation page at has a link to Concord parking information. Bookmark this link now. It’s no fun trying to figure this out the day of a hearing (yes, this is the voice of sad experience). If you’re ticketed, you can always pay right away at the police station, behind the Legislative Office Building (there’s that voice of experience again).

Note that the House and Senate will have their “organization days” on Wednesday, December 3. The House will convene at 10 a.m. in Representatives Hall in the State House. Particularly in the House, with many new faces, the opening of the session can be very moving as families crowd the gallery to watch loved ones get sworn in. Few legislative gatherings underscore more powerfully just how much of a “citizen legislature” we have compared to our neighboring states. Regular legislative business will get started on January 7.


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