Two election epilogues

State Senate district 7 recount

Pro-life candidate Kathleen Lauer-Rago came within a whisker of unseating incumbent district 7 State Senator Andrew Hosmer (D-Laconia). Today’s recount confirmed Hosmer’s victory, 9578-9423, according to this afternoon’s report by Concord Monitor reporter Susan Doucet. That’s a margin of eight-tenths of one percent.

Kathy took some questions from me during the campaign here.

Nationwide, a good year for pro-life candidates

The Susan B. Anthony List released this infographic today, summarizing the results of its work this year to elect pro-life candidates. The group used here for comparison is of course EMILY’s List, dedicated to electing “pro-choice” Democratic women. While EMILY’s List candidates Shaheen, Kuster and Hassan won in New Hampshire, our state was one of the few bright spots for abortion advocates on election night. Read more about pro-life electoral success stories at

Infographic from the Susan B. Anthony List, 2014
Infographic from the Susan B. Anthony List, 2014


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