How they’ve voted: 2014 state senate & state rep candidates


Here for your consideration: a list of all the candidates for New Hampshire General Court (House & Senate), along with how they voted on selected life-issue bills going back to 2003. The eleven PDF documents cover the state senate races plus House races in all ten counties. This is not a complete listing of life-issue bills, and this is not a list of endorsements.  I have not surveyed candidates for their comments. This is strictly about votes.

If you don’t know the district in which you reside, call your town or city clerk or consult the Secretary of State’s web site. The same sources can also provide you with a sample ballot before the election so you can look at your choices before Election Day, November 4.

I’ve compiled this information from online records ( and I’m responsible for any errors in transcription. Please email me ( if you spot a mistake.

State Senate: [gview file=””%5D

Belknap County: [gview file=””%5D

Carroll County: [gview file=””%5D

Cheshire County: [gview file=””%5D

Coos County: [gview file=””%5D

Grafton County: [gview file=””%5D

Hillsborough County: [gview file=””%5D

Merrimack County: [gview file=””%5D

Rockingham County: [gview file=””%5D

Strafford County: [gview file=””%5D

Sullivan County: [gview file=””%5D

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